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Liberty Videocon Insurance secures what you value the most!​

​Emergencies don’t knock on the door, they come in unin​formed​. While that is something that you have no control over, you can certainly safeguard your assets and peace of mind by having the right insurance at hand.

​With an apt insurance policy that provides adequate cover, you can prepare well in advance for those unwelcome events in the course of your daily life - an accident that might leave your vehicle damaged, a natural disaster, or even a medical emergency.

Here at Liberty Videocon, we understand that choosing the right insurance can sometimes become a little more complicated than it actually is. Therefore, to ensure that you get the right kind of cover that fits your need and budget, we offer a comprehensive array of insurance policies. Our insurance products provide just the kind of protection you expect, along with a number of add-on benefits.

  • ​Private car Insurance

  • For the safer drive

    The probability of getting into an accident cannot be predicted, but having an adequate insurance cover at hand for your vehicle, yourself and any third party liability is always wise as it covers you against the consequences of any unforeseen accidents that you might face.           

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  • ​​​ Two Wheeler insurance
  • Ride worry-​free!

    Your bike is your pride, your best escape from the traffic laden roads. But no matter how alert you are, there are certain untoward occasions that can never be avoided. Secure yourself and your bike with a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy and stay prepared for the unpredictable.         

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  • Health insurance

  • Good health is the greatest wealth

    Your health is an asset bar none, but the hectic work schedules, stressful lives and imbalanced diets don’t really help its cause, contributing to increased chances of an individual falling ill. Insure your health to protect yourself from the high healthcare costs, and live stress-free!        

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Priyanka Popat


​Thanks Mr. Kaushal and Mr. Rajesh Portability for Mr. Rohit's son is accepted by Health Insurance Underwriting Team. This is a lovely example of ''OUT OF THE BOX'' thinking at LVGI as Dr. Liji has physically examined the boy after discussing the matter with Dr. Asha and Hemlata madam instead of compelling him to go for X-Ray/MRI.​​ Parents of the boy appreciated the way proposal was tackled as parents and the consulting doctor were not of the opinion of taking X-Ray/MRI of the young boy, as he was fit post hospitalization. Thanks to Underwriting Team for thinking differently.​

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