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Private Car and Two Wheeler

  • Private Car & Two Wheeler(Gujarati)
  • Private Car & Two Wheeler(Marathi)
  • Private Car & Two Wheeler(Hindi)
  • Private Car & Two Wheeler(Bengali)
  • Private Car & Two Wheeler(English)


  • MB & EEI
  • CAR, EAR & CPM


  • SFSP


  • All Risk Insurance
  • Plate glass & Neon signboard
  • Burglary Insurance

Health Insurance

  • Individual Personal Accident(English)
  • Health Connect Insurance(English)
  • Individual Personal Accident(Marathi)
  • Health Connect Insurance(Hindi)
  • Health Connect Insurance(Bengali)
  • Individual Personal Accident(Hindi)
  • Health Connect Insurance(Marathi)
  • Individual Personal Accident(Bengali)
  • Individual Personal Accident(Gujarati)
  • Health Connect Insurance(Gujarati)
  • Hospi-Cash Connect Insurance
  • Health Connect Supra

Group Medical Cover

  • GMC Claim Form(Marathi)
  • GMC Claim Form(Gujarati)
  • GMC Claim Form(Bengali)
  • GMC Claim Form(English)
  • GMC Claim Form(Hindi)

Group Personal Accident

  • GPA Claim Form
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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

N. Rama Mohan Rao


Thank you very much for your prompt service, While taking insurance from your company, some people told that, if I take insurance from other than car dealer, I have to face problem (Like visit to dealer and insura​nce company surveyor and office, no cashless facility etc) while claim comes, you have pro ven that all th ose words are wrong and we can take from other than dealer also, I would like to express my please for your service .​