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Property Insurance Plans

Property Insurance - Liberty Videocon General Insurance Co. Ltd.


Protecting your Assets and Revenues


Property Insurance Plans

Substantial investment goes into building any property. Thus it becomes binding to protect it against unknown perils. At Liberty Videocon, we offer an array of class leading insurance plans to cater to your varied needs pertaining to property insurance.

Our Property Insurance Plans can be classified into three categories:

Standard Fire Special Perils Cover

What does this policy cover?

This policy is specially devised to protect your property and its contents like furniture, machinery, tools, etc. from 12 threats that are specified in the policy wordings. These threats include numerous man-made and natural disasters.

The Standard Fire Special Perils Cover is an indemnity policy which pays for the actual value of property calculated before the damage or loss.

Fire Loss of Profit Insurance Policy

What does this policy cover?

This property insurance plan shields your commercial property against the repercussions of fire and allied perils. Protection is not only extended to the physical damage sustained but also the business losses that are incurred as a result of fire and allied perils.

Being an indemnity policy, the sum assured is calculated on the indemnity period and gross profit of your business.

Industrial Risk Insurance Policy

What does this policy cover?

Even after ensuring proper safety measures, a little scope for unforeseen events to occur still remains. This likelihood of unforeseen events can damage your production plant and can stall the production incurring huge losses. To shield against the liabilities of loss in profits, this policy also provides Business Interruption section.

In the material damage section of this policy, the sum assured is determined based on the current reinstatement value of the plant without any depreciation deduction. For business interruption, the sum insured is based on the year end gross profit of the plant.