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Travelling is one of the great pleasures in life that entices and enchants everyone. To travel to unknown places, to discover new destinations, what could ever be a problem? Travelling is fun, but that does not mean that it is free of risks. As interesting as new and unknown places might seem, travelling requires its own precautions.

Do you travel often? Whether it’s a short trip or long, for business or pleasure, there are many risks you face when travelling. It is a fact that one should always look into having a good baggage insurance policy before planning any trips, whether it is domestic travel insurance or international travel insurance, it is always better to be safe than sorry. One of the main concerns that have plagued travelers for a rather long time is the loss of baggage or damage to the belongings in your baggage. This is an inconvenient situation to be put into, and whether you have been in such a situation yourself, or know someone who has gone through it, we can all agree that this happens much more frequently than you would like to believe or expect and can cause great inconvenience and monetary loss.

Just imagine if you have to purchase new articles like clothes or expensive items like camera, instruments, tools etc., it would most definitely put a damper on any trips or travels you might have been looking forward to. We cannot help you in preventing this conundrum; neither can we control such incidents. But what we can do is help you be prepared. After all, an ounce of preparation is always better than a pound of cure. This is where the baggage insurance policy by Liberty Videocon comes to your aid.

Benefits​: You can now say goodbye to worries about baggage whenever you are travelling and say hello to the innumerable memories that are to be made when you travel without baggage fear. If your baggage is lost or damaged due to any perils covered under the Baggage Insurance Policy, the policy will compensate you and allow for the repair or replacement of the affected items at a nominal premium.
After all, peace of mind in terms of protecting your belongings is invaluable, whether it be India or abroad.

Good-to-Know Terms

Sum Insured: The sum insured would be fixed on the basis of current market value of items in your baggage.

Premium: The amount of the premium you pay will depend on the amount insured and coverage.​

Contents: Items declared for insurance and specified in the Schedule​

'Money' includes cash, bank and currency notes, cheques, postal orders and current postage stamps not part of a collection and Luncheon voucher


Market Value: The replacement value of an insured item as new at the time of damage or loss due to wear and tear, depreciation and allowance for betterment.


Please read the policy wordings for more information.​​

*Terms & Conditions apply.​​

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

N. Rama Mohan Rao


Thank you very much for your prompt service, While taking insurance from your company, some people told that, if I take insurance from other than car dealer, I have to face problem (Like visit to dealer and insura​nce company surveyor and office, no cashless facility etc) while claim comes, you have pro ven that all th ose words are wrong and we can take from other than dealer also, I would like to express my please for your service .​