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All Risks Insurance Policy


Solutions for a Mixed Bag of Needs

Features & Benefits

Requirement: You own things that are a part of your everyday life. There are things that appeal to your aesthetic tastes like the jewellery you wear, the paintings which decorate your walls or the antiques you arrange so lovingly around your home. We could be very materialistically aligned or not at all, but the fact remains that we all have some or the other possessions that we value. If anything was to happen to them, it would rue us a lot, and why not, we have all worked hard and long for each and every one of these possessions. Whether they are an item of intrinsic need, or an item of great sentimental value, we revere each possession, and sometimes they become a recognition of our history. Then there are the things like laptops, cameras and mobile phones which are pretty much a lifeline these days. These are all an essential part of our routines; we use them for both work and fun. But how safe are these precious valuables from an accident? Protection of the things that we own is of primary importance to us all. The “All Risk Insurance policy” by Liberty Videocon is there to cover you in the case of loss or damage, whether seen or unforeseen.

Benefit: With an All Risk Insurance policy in place, you can rest easy knowing your valuables are well protected. Should any accident cause you to lose your items or damage them, you can now repair or replace them as soon as possible with the help of this policy.

Sum Insured: The sum insured for this All Risk Insurance policy will be fixed as per current market value of the insured items.

Premium: The premium to be paid under the All Risk Insurance policy depends on the type of items, the exposure to risk and coverage and whether you wish to take out special covers on your insurance policy.​


Please read the policy wordings for more information.​​

*Terms & Conditions apply.​​

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

N. Rama Mohan Rao


Thank you very much for your prompt service, While taking insurance from your company, some people told that, if I take insurance from other than car dealer, I have to face problem (Like visit to dealer and insura​nce company surveyor and office, no cashless facility etc) while claim comes, you have pro ven that all th ose words are wrong and we can take from other than dealer also, I would like to express my please for your service .​