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Miscellaneous Insurance Plans

Miscellaneous Insurance - Liberty Videocon General Insurance Co. Ltd.


Solutions for a Mixed Bag of Needs

Miscellaneous Insurance​

The insurances of property, liability and interests that are not covered under general insurance policies are covered under miscellaneous insurance. The various categories under this type of insurance are:

All Risks Insurance Policy

Any accident cause you to lose your items or damage them, you can now repair or replace them as soon as possible with All Risk Insurance policy.

You can protect your Portable Equipment’s & Valuable Items like Laptops, Cameras, Mobiles, Camcorders, Fine Arts, Paintings, Jewellery and Valuables Antiques with an All Risk Insurance policy in place.

Signage Insurance Policy

Occurrences like a fire, civil disturbances like a riot, thieves and accidents are some unexpected events that you cannot control and yet could damage or destroy your signage. With a Signage Insurance Policy in place, your need for repairs or replacement can be met without any hassle.

Baggage insurance Policy

It is not an uncommon occurrence for your baggage to get lost or damaged during your travels. If something like that happens, this Baggage Insurance Policy will compensate you and allow for the repair or replacement of the lost possessions. You can forget about worrying all the time and enjoy your trip as it is supposed to be enjoyed.

Fidelity Guarantee Insurance policy

Employees are the basis of any good company. They handle the stock of any goods the business trades in and are even entrusted with care of the firm’s money. Should an employee commit fraud against your business, the disappointment of a betrayal is not the only thing to contend with, as there could also be financial loss due to that. The Fidelity Guarantee Insurance policy provides cover for any pecuniary or monetary loss your business faces in this situation.

Burglary Insurance policy

The Burglary Insurance policy helps you when you are at your most vulnerable. After a break-in and robbery you need to replace the belongings you have lost. In business as well as in homes, any damage or loss of your stock needs to be replenished right away. The Burglary Insurance policy allows you to move past the incident at the earliest by helping you in any replacements.

Money insurance policy

Running a business requires the handling of large volumes of money. Just because it isn’t tied down in investments or machinery and equipment, does not make money any less of an asset. There might be large amounts of cash that are used in the daily workings of your business and cash being mostly an untraceable commodity, needs to be protected. The Money Insurance Policy safeguards your cash and covers you in case of emergencies such as robberies. With this insurance in place you can keep your business running without unnecessary cessation of daily tasks.

Plate Glass insurance Policy

Plate glass provides good aesthetic or functional appeal to your premises, but it is still a breakable entity. The Plate Glass Insurance Policy helps you meet the need for repairs or replacement of your plate glass installations against the risks they might face.​​​