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Commercial Vehicle Package Policy


Securing the Wheels of Business

Features & Benefits

Requirements As organizations expand and grow, so does their various functioning needs and requirements. And one such requirement is their fleet of vehicles to manage end to end transportation needs of the business. Major businesses use a large number of vehicles, be it private cars, two/three wheelers or other commercial vehicles. Management of a fleet of vehicles is a major task in itself, and when you factor in the fact that with a huge fleet, a risk of accident or damage is always present, in fact the risks are increased. Therefore, they require a good insurance cover to avoid the hassles of huge expenditures to make up for any of the loss/damage that might be incurred. And one such insurance cover is the Liberty Videocon Corporate Fleet Insurance. This insurance provides a comprehensive cover for your vehicles, along with a host of benefits that make sure you can enjoy peace of mind where your corporate fleet is concerned.

Benefits: Situations like accidents, or loss of vehicle can really throw a spanner in the works for the functioning of your business. Loss of profit is the worst thing a business might have to contend with and that is exactly what might be the result of any unfortunate incident involving your assets. Liberty Videocon Corporate Fleet Insurance offers a comprehensive insurance cover to corporate fleets. It will cover against any loss or damage caused due to accidents or unfortunate incidents. This also includes different types of vehicles, of varied ranges and sizes. The Corporate Fleet Insurance policy will help ensure that the functioning of corporate businesses is least effected in such situations. So if you are a business, irrespective of the size of operations, and you own a fleet of vehicles, be it two wheelers or three wheelers or even private cars, a Corporate Fleet Insurance policy should be the first thing in your task list. Safeguard your vehicles, so even if the worst is to happen, you can face it with the best policy’s support.

Premium: ​The amount of the premium paid for the Corporate Fleet Insurance is mainly dependent on the type of vehicle insured and the amount of IDV.​​


Please read the policy wordings for more information.​​

*Terms & Conditions apply.​​

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