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What should I do if an incident giving rise to a claim occurs?

​In the event of loss or damage which may involve a claim, please register your claim immediately via either of the below mentioned options:

  • Call us at our Toll Free Number 1800 266 5844 (between 8:00am to 8:00pm, 7 days of the week)
  • Visit ou​r nearest branch office
  • Mail us on care@libertyvideocon.com
  • Send a written intimation letter to our registered office or the applicable branch office by post or courier. You can access our list of branch​ addresses by clicking here

Please remember that it is important that you act as prudent uninsured. You must exercise reasonable measures to prevent or minimize the loss and keep the damaged items aside for inspection by the surveyor.​​

What information will I need when lodging a claim?

In general, you will need to provide the following details:

  • your policy number and type
  • detailed description of the incident
  • the date and time of loss
  • the loss address
  • probable cause of loss
  • loss estimate
  • details of other parties involved (if applicable)
  • contact details of the person at site

The above information list is only indicative & we may seek more inputs if required.​

What happens when I register my claim?

We will allot a claim number to you, which you have to quote in all your future correspondence with us. Also, at the same time, we will appoint a surveyor, if necessary, who will contact you regarding the next step. Please keep any damaged goods aside for inspection and await instructions from us before proceeding with repairs.​

What is the surveyor’s role in the claim settlement?

A surveyor is an independent person/entity licensed by the regulatory body, IRDA (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority), to carry out inspections and investigate claims to establish the cause, nature and extent of damage.​

How can a surveyor help me?

​Surveyors can help by advising you on how to mitigate the loss and/or to respond to limit further damage or loss. You will be guided by the surveyor about the claims process, what documents may be required and what is the next step of a claim.​​

How can I help in expediting settlement?

We are here to assist you in the claims process. You can help us by co-operating and providing requested documentation as soon as possible. We suggest you refer the documents list (click here) as per the product & keep them ready well in advance for the surveyor.​

How do I submit the documents?

​Surveyors help to collect all relevant information/documents concerning your claim and then send it to us, with their survey report. Alternately, you may submit the documents directly to us at our nearest location.​

Who pays the fees of a surveyor?

​No survey fees are to be paid by the claimant. The professional fees billed by the surveyor concerned will be paid by the insurers who had deputed them for the said assignment.​​

How long will it take to process my claim?

​Every claim is different but our aim at all times is to process your claim as quickly as we can. Although some claims can be processed in a relatively short time, other more complex claims may take us some time to work through the detail. We will provide regular updates on progress of your claims and you can also contact us at any time on our toll free number 1800 266 5844, to know the status of your claim.​

Can I arrange repairs/replacement before I make a claim?

​We would recommend you to lodge a claim prior to arranging repairs/replacement. You can choose your own repairer or supplier if you wish. To do this, you need to provide the surveyor with a written quote from your chosen supplier. If the quote is determined to be fair and reasonable and the surveyor has approved the same, then you can engage your supplier.​

How much will I be paid back?

​Processing of claims will be in accordance with terms, exclusions, provisions and conditions or endorsed thereon. We will settle claims after being satisfied with the surveyor’s assessment of loss and the supporting claim documents, which prove that the claim falls within the ambit of the policy.

Signed discharge voucher for the full and final settlement for the relevant loss/damage will be obtained from you before the claim amount is transferred to your account.​

What if I am not happy with the way my claim is progressing? What’s the recourse?

In case of any difference of opinion or your dissatisfaction about the way your claim is progressing, you may speak to our claims officer managing your claim. If they are unable to resolve the matter to your satisfaction, please ask to speak with a senior official. If you have any other questions, comments ​or issues, you may send us an e-mail to care@libertyvideocon.com.

​You may also contact our commercial claim team members (Mr. Sunny Raina​, sunny.raina@libertyvideocon.com or Mr.Vinod Dangwal, vinod.dangwal@libertyvideocon.com​ for more information.

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