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Commercial Insurance Claims

Commercial Claims - Liberty Videocon General Insurance Co. Ltd.

Claims Process

An unforeseen crisis can occur anytime and such situations demand efficient and timely assistance. The claims procedure is an important aspect of the insurance process. At Liberty Videocon, it is our endeav​our to be fair and transparent when it comes to claims. We will inform and give instruct you on how to handle claims arising out of Commercial Insurance Policy.​

How do I go about claiming my loss?

Here are some of the immediate steps you must take in the event of a claim:

  1. Lodge a claim with LVGIC without delay:
    • Call us at our Toll Free Number 1800 266 5844 (between 8:00am to 8:00pm, 7 days of the week)
    • Visit ou​r nearest branch office
    • Mail us on care@libertyvideocon.com
    • Send a written intimation letter to our registered office or the applicable branch office by post or courier. You can access our list of branch​ addresses​ by clicking here

  2. Take all reasonable precautions to prevent/reduce further loss, damage or liability and follow the instructions of LVGIC
  3. Preserve unchanged any damaged or defective property or parts for inspection by the surveyor appointed by LVGIC unless:
    • Immediate action is required for safety or the continuation of work,
    • The insurer dispenses with inspection​
  4. Take photos of the damage/loss, prior to repair.
  5. Kindly hold liable in writing any third parties believed to have caused the loss/damage
  6. Notify the local police authority in case of theft and fire

W​hat information should I provide while registering a claim?

The notification must include the following:

  • Policy number
  • Date and time of loss
  • Location of loss
  • Contact person on site (name, e-mail, phone no.)
  • Occurrence of damage
  • Details of damaged items
  • Probable cause
  • Any damage to third party property
  • Details/reports of the loss to any other authorities, if any (police / fire brigade, etc)
  • Estimated loss amount

When registered, a claim number will be allotted by us and it must be mentioned in all future correspondence. Also we will appoint a surveyor who will contact the loss site office.

What does a surveyor do?

The surveyor will visit the loss site for survey and collects the ​documents/information pertaining to the loss. The site officer shall make a report for losses/damages and about the scheduled repairs and estimate of costs. Photos taken following damage must be handed over to the surveyor along with the documents as requested by the surveyor.

What are the actions taken following a survey?​

  1. The surveyor will prepare a preliminary loss report and submit it to us.
  2. The surveyor will issue a letter to insured requesting for the claim documents, such as
    • Claim Form duly filled in and signed or insured’s report on occurrence of loss
    • Inventory of Loss
    • Book​s of Accounts
    • Supplier’s invoices, bills, receipts, etc. to support values and indicate terms of sale
    • Daily log of work carried out showing individual/labour hours worked, equipment used and purpose
    • Individual worksheets for labour and equipment to substantiate the claim
    • Copy of original agreement along with supplementary agreements
    • Photographs if arranged
    • Manufacturer’s report detailing extent of loss, cause and suggested repair procedure
    • First Information Report/Police Investigation Report/Fire Brigade Report, wherever required
    • Discharge voucher
    • Letter of Subrogation and Special Power of Attorney
    • ​Any other information and documentation not detailed above relevant to the occurred loss/damage

What are the follow up actions?

  • ​The surveyor may visits the site a second time to inspect the repairs undertaken or seek clarification on the supporting documents. He may also discuss the settlement amount and take the insured’s consent on the same.
  • If the documents are not complete, the surveyor or LVGIC will send reminder letters to the insured.
  • Despite several reminders, if the insured is unable to comply with the documents/ information called for, LVGIC may issue a closure letter to the insured.
  • ​In case of total loss or constructive total loss, the surveyor may facilitate disposal of salvage.

​​What are the loss settlement actions?

  • Processing of claims will be in accordance with the policy terms, exclusions, provisions and conditions or endorsed thereon.
  • LVGIC will settle claims, after being satisfied by the submitted survey report, bills and documents, which prove that the claim falls within the ambit of the policy.
  • ​If any recovery rights are protected, ‘Letter of Subrogation and Power of Attorney’ will be obtained from the ​insured.

For more information, you may please ​contact the below mentioned commercial claim team members: Mr. Sunny Raina (Sunny.Raina@libertyvideocon.com)​ Or Mr. Mahendra Mandloi  (mahendra.mandloi@libertyvideocon.com​)​


To know more about the policy terms & c​onditions, please click here​. Please note that the requirements listed are only indicative and not exhaustive and that the Company may require additional information/documentation/proof to be furnished, depending on the circumstances of each case. The above comments do not represent settlement instructions and are not meant to discourage any individual or organisation from filing a claim.

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Priyanka Popat


​Thanks Mr. Kaushal and Mr. Rajesh Portability for Mr. Rohit's son is accepted by Health Insurance Underwriting Team. This is a lovely example of ''OUT OF THE BOX'' thinking at LVGI as Dr. Liji has physically examined the boy after discussing the matter with Dr. Asha and Hemlata madam instead of compelling him to go for X-Ray/MRI.​​ Parents of the boy appreciated the way proposal was tackled as parents and the consulting doctor were not of the opinion of taking X-Ray/MRI of the young boy, as he was fit post hospitalization. Thanks to Underwriting Team for thinking differently.​