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Employer of Choice - Liberty Videocon General Insurance Co. Ltd.

A company is defined by its human resources. The progress made by a company is directly dependent on the Skill, Efficiency and Efficacy of its employees.

It is therefore important to ensure that they are provided with opportunities to enhance their skill sets which serves both as a motivator to them as well as accelerates the growth of the company.

​At Liberty Videocon, we understand the importance of investing in the development of our most critical resource – people! We have a dedicated Learning & Development (L&D) function which works to provide training and skill enhancement opportunities. Offering excellent training facilities, a well-defined training roadmap for various organisational levels and a healthy mix of in-house and external training faculties, the L&D function is on the path for creating and leveraging synergistic growth for the Company and its employees.

The Learning & Development wing offers:


Induction program for new joinees, which provides information and aligns them to the Company culture and values.


A well-defined training intervention that empowers employees
with skills to helps them handle
the current job profile and allows
them to take up additional responsibilities.


Helps the employees to
identify alternative
career options in the
Company by building
cross-functional competencies.


Differentiated training interventions for sales
and non-sales functions.


Technically intensive departments such as underwriting, actuarial and operations are provided opportunities to learn from external programs and certifications.


Behavioral trainings that help employees
build up and exhibit
more effective behavior.


Product specific modules to help sales persons increase their
sales output.