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Travel Insurance


Travel Insurance: Know your rights

Ramesh Sharma and his family were looking forward to their vacation in the Bahamas. Ramesh had been planning meticulously for this trip and had booked the air tickets well in advance.

On the day of the departure, Ramesh and his family were in for a rude shock at the airport. Their names were not present in the passenger list! Ramesh showed the print-outs of their air tickets but the airline's ground staff was in no mood to listen. He had no other choice but to book tickets on another airline. Ramesh lost Rs. 1.44 lakhs for this misadventure. On his return to India, Ramesh filed a suit against the airline in a consumer court. He is yet to recover his money.

Ramesh could have saved on a lot of money and trouble had he opted for a travel insurance policy.

A travel insurance policy is a must-have, especially when you are planning a trip away from home. Premiums will vary depending on the type of coverage you opt for. Featured below are some of the aspects covered under a comprehensive travel insurance policy.

  1. On account of trip cancellation:

Claim for losses caused by a trip getting cancelled when a policy holder or his/ her travelling companion(s) get unwell. Bad weather and airline callousness (just like in Ramesh Sharma's case) are other factors that result in trip cancellation.

  1. On account of trip interruption:

Claim for losses when a trip is interrupted mid-way due to a policy holder's or his/ her travelling companion's illness or death. A travel insurance policy covers the costs incurred for the unexpected return home.

  1. On account of hospitalization or medical treatment:

Claim for medical expenses borne by the traveller for sickness or injury, which resulted in hospitalization during the trip.

  1. On account of lost baggage:

Claims for loss of checked baggage lost during transit or at the airport.

  1. On account of lost passport:

Claims for expenses incurred while applying for a new passport after the loss of the old one.

  1. On account of hotel accommodation:

Claims for cost of hotel accommodation, which is a result of sickness, flight cancellation or when the policy holder misses his or her flight back to the native country.

  1. On account of personal a​ccident:

Claims for compensation paid in case of death or permanent total disability caused to an accident.

Check with your insurance provider to understand the benefits covered in your plan. Take control of your policy and safeguard against monetary losses.