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Motor Insurance


Crack the best deal on motor insurance!!

Ask us, "how" To drag the best deal for yourself?​ You will need to have a detailed check up on the company that is offering you an insurance policy. It is very important to understand the company’s values and ethics, and various other factors before being in hand with a company and buying their insurance policies, those that are given below:

  1. Company history: The company history doesn’t always have to be a long period of existence, but the actual history of claims that has been attributed to the claimants. This also includes the working history, number of clients served, and other factors having a meaningful impact on a customer. Digging deeper to check the insurance company’s legal aspects, the number of claims that have been asked, the number of claims that have been given out and so on; whatever that you need to know about the brand can help you a lot.
  2. Product availability: Car insurance products typically are almost similar across the insurance industry. So how do you differentiate? An interesting differentiator is the variety of add-an covers that are available. It’s here that a car insurance company offers you different propositions which help you determine the right mix.
  3. Customer service: Whenever in trouble, the first thing you do is to reach out the customer service. Although almost every insurance company invests heavily & trains its customer service rigorously, it’s always good to do your own dip stick analysis as some companies really go an extra mile. If you have already shortlisted a couple of insurance companies, try calling their customer service and ask as many questions on products, claims procedures etc. This will surely help you take an informed call.
  4. Choose an agent wisely: In case you are buying a policy via an agent, try to choose an agent who has an established rapport and credentials with someone you know. Agents act as important catalysts in the insurance market & a good agent can give you priceless peace of mind in difficult times.
  5. Buy online: Most of the general insurance companies today have an online policy buying facility. You can not only generate a quote for your type of vehicle but also buy a policy in a matter of minutes. It is wise to go online and create quotes of different companies to make a well informed and competitive choice. To add to this facility, it is wiser to speak directly with the customer service team about the quote created to be doubly sure of your choice.
  6. Research nicely: Visit the humble World Wide Web to find read reviews of the customers who have already bought a policy from your choice of insurer. Customers today are more and more proactive in publishing their views and experience across a set of websites. But again, a word of caution, it’s wiser to be not impulsive if you come across a bad review. Try searching for discussion forums which give you a moderate and not an extreme view of affairs. Listen to what people have to say, but make sure that the ultimate decision is yours.