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How to Drive through Water Clogged Areas

It is well known that driving in the rains can be quite a difficult task especially given the numerous potholes and puddles that our streets are riddled with. But there are ways to keep yourself and your car safe in this stormy season.

Firstly and most importantly avoid driving in extremely stormy and flood-like conditions. Always bear in mind that nothing is bigger than life.

​1.Watch what you’re getting into 

Slow down your speed. The only thing that you do not want to lose right now is the steering control.  Driving at high speed can cause skidding. Also by driving fast in flooded areas you may create a wave and the risk of water entering your combustion chamber will double. And it just takes a cupful of water in your combustion chamber to stall your engine. Once that happens, you’ll be stranded.

2.Learn from others mistakes

Watch other vehicle as they move into the water to know what is happening. After looking at them you would be able to figure out how shallow or deep that water is. 

3.Keep a steady pace

Do not lose momentum. Keep a steady pace. Drive slow and your car might break down in the middle of the pool, and going too fast might cause aquaplaning. It is most advisable to go steady on the second gear. That way you minimize the risk of a break down.

4.Watch out for debris

It’s hard to see them, but good to keep a look out for them anyway. Any sharp object might harm your tires. You don’t want to fall into hidden potholes or slam into any kind of boulders either.

5.Test Your Brakes

Once you are out of water, check whether your brakes are working fine. It is highly recommended that you get yourself a can of brake cleaner spray. Spray the cleaner all over the brakes once they’ve dried out and cooled down. This prevents dirt build up between brake pad and disc, which can severely hamper brake performance.

​​​Follow these simple steps to stay safe. Life is not a race, especially when it’s raining.