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Motor Insurance


Buying insurance online from Liberty Videocon

We live in an age of pace and impatience, work load has increased and as a result it is extremely difficult for people to find time for anything. In such circumstances the internet has come as a saviour. The internet is capable of making even the most time-consuming processes extremely quick, activities such as shopping, communication and reading news are the best examples of the same. The convenience that the internet provides is stupendous and that's why we have given you an option to purchase insurance on our website.

But the internet has its own share of drawbacks. When it comes to buying online, people tend get very laid back in their approach. As a result they may end up buying policy that may not suit their needs. In light of this, we've listed a few guidelines you must read before buying insurance online.


One way to avoid getting cheated into buying fake insurance is to buy only from trustworthy brands. When it comes to trust, not many brands come close to Liberty Videocon General Insurance. Liberty Videocon is joint venture between two strong brands, namely Liberty Mutual Group and Videocon Industries. Liberty Mutual group, established in 1912, has been insuring people for over a century. That would never have been possible without the trust of millions of people across the globe.


When buying insurance on the net, you must conduct thorough research through the infinite resources you have online. There is a lot of information available on the Liberty Videocon website itself. We recommend you go through it all. Once you have knowledge, you can easily decide on the coverage you want. We have a variety of useful add-ons that you must look up and can consider buying too. If you do not understand certain things online, that's not an issue either. You can call our helpline - 1800-266-5844 and our agents will clear all your queries.

​Customer service:

To most, it may appear that brand name and types of coverage are the only two criteria they must consider before buying insurance online. But there is more to it. Customer Service is just as important. At Liberty Videocon we've always focused on the quality of service we provide to our customers. We have felicitation to back the claim, the most recent being the Outstanding Excellence in Customer Service Recognition by ET edge, which is an initiative by the Economic Times.

Premium Payable:

Premium Payable is the amount you have to pay for your car insurance. Premium payable is based on a variety of factors including your vehicle, insurance type, safety features in vehicle and driving record. At Liberty Videocon, we try to keep prices affordable. You can get a quote from Liberty Videocon .

Features & Benefits:

Apart from all the above, we believe you deserve the best. With that in mind we offer you additional features and benefits that will guarantee you an excellent insurance experience with us. 

​Features include:

Super-efficient service, we'll settle claims in 7 working days.

With more than 615 network garages, we've made sure you'll have hassle-free inspection anywhere in the country.

We always appreciate a safe driver, so we transfer a no claim bonus you earned from another insurer to your policy with us.

We have a customer care service that operates 365 days a year, yes, even on Sundays and holidays.​

​​Thinking about getting insurance? We say, get acting now. ​